Self-Guided, On-Demand, Online Teacher Training

Our online, on-demand, self-guided courses train administrators, general ed teachers, special ed teachers, school psychologists and support staff to better understand students with learning differences.

Students with dyslexia spend most of their time in the general ed classroom (and if they are not eligible for services, they spend all their time there!) That’s why our online courses are written with the general ed teacher in mind.

Our goal is to train all school staff to support struggling readers with the science of reading acquisition, Structured Literacy, and intensified instruction techniques to support reading progress and proficiency.


State Approved!

Obtain CEUs, PDPs, CPDs, and Act 48 hours from the following state departments of education. Check out our growing list of states that have approved as Professional Development Providers for continuing education credit. If you are from a state not listed below, please contact us and we’ll update you on our pending approvals.

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District Services

What: Looking to comply with state dyslexia laws or simply learn how to better support your struggling readers? Our online courses were built to do just that. Satisfy compliance, train staff, and support students with our online content in Dyslexia Awareness, Structured Literacy Instruction, Reading Fluency, Intensifying Instruction and more.

Why: 85% of students in Special Education have a primary disability in reading and writing.  If we train our general ed teachers to teach reading effectively and properly intensify instruction for all learners, we believe we’d reduce special education rates saving districts millions of dollars.

How: Increasingly, we’re focusing on not just teacher training, but the effect of training paired with implementation support with our district clients. Check out how districts around the country are using our courses to satisfy state compliance, meet IEP requirements, and support students. Browse our District Services here.


Interested in Teacher Resources?

So are we. Our vision is to create a wealth of high-quality resources on dyslexia, language-based learning differences, and supporting struggling students so that administrators and teachers can pop in to glean information that will support their students.

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