Episode 4 - Interview with Dr. Jan Hasbrouck, PhD (formerly of University of Oregon)


What’s inside: In this episode, we interview Jan Hasbrouck, PhD, nationally recognized researcher and expert in the area of Reading Fluency. We’ll talk about her research resulted in the creation of national norms for student reading fluency and the recent revision of those norms, "2017 National Reading Fluency Norms (Update).

Classroom Implications: The 2017 research on fluency rates did not show statistically significant changes in reading fluency rates. Teachers can use the revised norms as a dependable benchmark with which to compare their student’s reading fluency rate. Dr. Hasbrouck also delves into what reading fluency is and how Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) measures can be used as a tool to support proficient reading acquisition in students.

Learn more about our guest: To learn more about Dr. Jan Hasbrouck head to gha-pd.com.

Below are some links to research and published works referenced in this episode (full text included where possible):