Episode 6 - Interview with Dr. Erin Washburn (Binghamton University)


What’s inside: In this episode, we speak with Dr. Erin Washburn, Dr. Erin Washburn, Associate Professor at Binghamton University’s Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership.

We’ll be digging deeper into her body of work that focuses on teacher knowledge of dyslexia, English Language, and basic constructs of literacy. We’ll be chatting about three of her recent studies entitled, Are Preservice Teachers Prepared to Teach Struggling Readers?, Expanding Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge of the English Language: Recommendations for Teacher Educator, and Morphology Matters, but What do Teacher Candidates Know About It?

Classroom Implications: Dr. Washburn discusses what her and her colleagues have found with respect to their research into teacher knowledge of the basic constructs of literacy. She also discusses some excellent resources to boost teacher knowledge of these key concepts in the podcast (also listed below).

There are a handful of studies that point to the impact of explicit teacher knowledge on student achievement (with a need for more!). Dr. Washburn referred to the following studies showing the positive impact on student achievement (Mc Cutchen et al., 2009; Piasta et al., 2009; Spear-Swerling, 2009) as well as a study that in which the researchers (Carlisle et al., 2009) did not find teacher knowledge to impact student achievement. 

Learn more about our guest: To learn more about Dr. Washburn, you can find her at her faculty site at Binghamton University here or on Research Gate via https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Erin_Washburn.

Below are some links to research and published works referenced in this episode (full text included where possible):