Episode 2 - Interview with Dr. Melanie Schuele, PhD CCC-SLP on the Importance of Phonological Awareness (Vanderbilt University)


What’s inside: In this episode, we interview Melanie Schuele (Vanderbilt University) about her work on phonological awareness instruction.

Classroom implications: For about 20% of students, direct, explicit phonological instruction working in concert with phonics is a critical aspect of reading instruction. Teachers need the knowledge base of how English sounds pair to their written counterparts to effectively support this instruction.

Learn more about our guest: You can learn more about the work Dr. Schuele is doing at the Child Language and Literacy Lab at Vanderbilt University Medical Center by going to ww2.mc.vanderbilt.edu/cll. Below are some links to her past research and published works referenced in this episode: