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Our Mission

We partner with schools, districts, and state departments of education to build knowledge of literacy best-practices, supporting struggling learners, data-based decision making, and MTSS/RTI implementation.

Our History

Glean Education started as an advocacy journey over 30 years ago. Our founder, Jessica Hamman, grew up in a family of education professionals - her father, Emerson Dickman, was president of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) who helped create the definition for dyslexia. Her mother was a professor and teacher trainer. They became involved in the field while advocating for her brother with dyslexia in the public school system.

Two decades later, Jessica found herself advocating for her own son with dyslexia. As she began supporting her child through school, she found that there was still the same lack of knowledge about dyslexia as there was before. Much had been accomplished by her parents and other leaders in the research field, but on the ground and in the schools, there was still much work still to be done.

In January 2016, Jessica launched Glean Education bringing her background in early literacy and online instructional design to build online content in literacy and special education for in-service teachers and districts. Glean is now actively working with schools, districts, and state departments of education around the country (and world) to build teacher knowledge and support implementation through an innovative PD approach.

We are thrilled to become such a trusted space for educators.

These are wonderful courses that give you ready-to-use information to implement in your classroom and share with parents.
— School Psychologist, Beaufort County School District, South Carolina

What We've Achieved

  • Launched our Blog in January 2016.

  • Trained over 1500 teachers and practitioners around the world.

  • Received Tiny Fellowship by 4.0 Schools

  • Launched five expert-guided courses in dyslexia and literacy best practices (more to come!).

  • Piloted courses in schools and districts to vet content and improve delivery models.

  • Approved by Oregon, Arkansas, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania state departments of education, Chicago Public Schools, and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) to provide CEUs.

  • Listed on the California Department of Education’s Notable Professional Partner Organization’s List

  • Launched Glean’s Research to Practice Podcast in January 2019.

  • Approved by the Texas Education Association to provide professional development for the state’s educators.

  • Participated in California’s Superintendent for Public Instruction’s Literacy Workgroup.