Episode 7 - Interview with Emerson Dickman, JD

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What’s inside: In this episode, we speak with Emerson Dickman, JD. Emerson Dickman is a practicing special education attorney and child advocate in Maywood, New Jersey. He is past-President of the International Dyslexia Association and was a founding member of the consensus committee gathered in 1992 to create the legal definition for dyslexia. He speaks about dyslexia on the national and international stage, promoting awareness and advocacy. He, along with his wife Georgette Dickman, won the Margaret Byrd Rawson Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Dyslexia Association in 2012. He is also Glean Education founder Jessica Hamman’s dad. ;)

We’ll be chatting with him about his role in gathering the consensus committee that created the definition for dyslexia and about how defining dyslexia has impacted education in America today.

Classroom Implications: We chat about the pitfalls and positives related to creating a definition for dyslexia and how he definition has changed to better support teacher understanding of the neurobiology of the learning difference and the evidence-based methods for intervention that can support it.

Learn more about our guest: To learn more about Emerson Dickman, JD, visit his website emersondickman.com.

Below are some links to research and published works referenced in this episode (full text included where possible):