Episode 1 - Interview with Dr. Tiffany Hogan, PhD CCC-SLP (MGH) and Lauren Baron, PhD (University of South Carolina)

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What’s inside: In this episode, we interview two researchers in the area of Speech-Language Pathology, Tiffany Hogan (MGH) and Lauren Baron (University of South Carolina) about their study on the orthographic facilitation effect in students with dyslexia.

Classroom implications: The study found that orthographic facilitation supports spoken word learning in students with dyslexia. This means that if the written word accompanies the spoken word a student is trying to learn, it will help them learn the word easier (despite their known struggles with reading difficulty). If you are helping students with dyslexia learn new words, presenting the written word will help them learn it.

Learn more about our guests: To learn more about upcoming research from Lauren Baron out of University of South Carolina, you can follow her on researchgate.net/profile/lauren_baron. To learn more about Tiffany Hogan’s check out her work at seehearspeakpodcast.com.

Below are some links to research and published works referenced in this episode (full text included where possible):